SampleSource is LIVE!

The Spring edition of SampleSource is LIVE!!!!

Get your free samples HERE!!!



  1. A couple of weeks ago I received an email letting me know that the Spring 2017 SampleSource would be coming soon. Then…..nothing!!! My daughter informed me this evening that the Spring 2017 SampleSource went live yesterday, March 14th, and that she, like myself, received no e-mail letting her know that the samples were now available. And of course, they are now out-of-stock!!

    We have both been avid fans of SampleSource for several years and as well as enjoying the samples, we always took the time to respond to the survey questions regarding our opinions of the products we had received.

    We are both deeply disappointed that, although we were sent the earlier e-mails apprising us of the upcoming Spring 2017 samples we received NO e-mail notices yesterday that they had actually became available.

    It would be much appreciated if you would rectify that oversight when the next batch of sanples becomes available. Thank you.
    Carol Rossiter & Lindsay Barclay

    • Samplesource did send out emails shortly after they went live today. If you didn’t receive anything from them you should be contacting them directly. We post as soon as we know and share in our Facebook group, on our facebook page and our email newsletter.

  2. Hi !
    My friend said this is great thing to sign up for so here I am signing up. Can’t wait to see what I will receive !!!

    • You can sign up on the side of the page with your name and email and you’ll get all our deals sent to your email once a day.

  3. have signed up for this several times have never got free samples

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